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SEE Math 2006

Texas A&M University

Open House and Awards Ceremony

Friday June 30, 2006

Parents and Siblings Welcome

Speaker: Jay Walton
Lecture: Mathematics and Biology: A Timely Marriage for the 21st Century

The 19th century was dubbed the Chemistry Century, the 20th century the Physics Century and the 21st the Life Sciences Century. While such sweeping pronouncements are always exaggerations, they do contain much truth. In particular, the current century is poised to witness truly amazing advances in the biological and medical sciences, and mathematics is playing an increasingly key role in many of those developments. I shall give a brief overview of some of the many areas of the life sciences in which mathematics is making fundamental contributions including: modeling the spread of infectious diseases; modeling the initiation, progression, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer; modeling complex ecosystems.

See the Maple Computer Animations made by the students.
(These will be posted on the web after the awards ceremony.)

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