Summer Educational Enrichment in Math

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SEE-Math 2010

Texas A&M University

Open House and Awards Ceremony

Friday July 2, 2010, 1:30-4:30

Parents and Siblings Welcome

Part 1: Guest Lecture

Speakers: Drs. Martin Avendano & J. Maurice Rojas
    Department of Mathematics, Texas A&M University

Topic: Satellite Orbits and Solving Equations.

Abstract: While Einstein's theory of relativity helps us understand the motion of satellites and planets, much of the theory used to send satellites into orbit today is a lot older: Kepler laid out the main ideas already in the 17th century. We review some of these basics from celestial mechanics and then consider a more recent problem: how do you change the orbit of a satellite in the cheapest way possible? We'll see how modern algebraic geometry enters the solution. Along the way, we'll illustrate our ideas with movies of satellite constellations, many created by our colleague Daniele Mortari.

Part 2: Student Maple Computer Animations

(These will be posted on the web after the awards ceremony.)

Part 3: Student Awards Presentations

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