Summer Educational Enrichment in Math

aTm Math aTm Math

SEE-Math 2022

Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University

July 11 -- July 22, 2022
1 PM - 5 PM, Central Time

After 2 years on Zoom we are back in person!


Proof of Math Ability:

Students are expected to complete one of the following:

Application Deadlines:

We will start accepting applications on Monday, April 4, 2022 and continue while space is available.

Registration Fee:

A $100 registration fee will be collected AFTER acceptance.
The registration fee will be waived or reduced for those who cannot afford it.


Stellated Icosahedron Watch Out for that Last Step

Letter to Students
Student Application

Letter to Teachers
Teacher Recommendation


We also need Junior and Senior Counselors. Junior Counselors are age 15-17. Senior Counselors must be 18 or over as of July 1, 2022.
We frequently have Counselors who are former participants.

Responsibilities: Counselors do set-up and clean-up, check-in and check-out, guide students from activity to activity, and work with the students on each activity under the direction of the instructor. Senior Counselors will need to have a Background Check and complete Child Protection Training.

Junior Counselor Application

Senior Counselor Application


Instructors must register here. Instructors will need to have a Background Check and complete Child Protection Training.

Instructor Registration

Typical Topics
Pythagorean Proof  Pythagorean Formula

Make a Movie with Maple
Maplesoft has offered to give each student a free copy of the
Maple Computer Algebra system
for two months surrounding the dates of SEE-Math.
After that there will be a discount price to purchase Maple.

Open House and Awards Ceremony
Friday, July 22, 2022
Parents and Siblings Welcome

2021 (Last Year)
Guest Speaker: Dr. Dave Auckly

Department of Mathematics, Kansas State University

Topic: How Dangerous is the Spider?

Abstract: A Spider hunts a fly on a grid.
In this session we will use some interesting geometry
to discover the proportion of dangerous squares for the fly.

  Administrative Contacts:  
Jeremy Kubiak   (979) 845 6905
Donna Hoffman   (979) 862-4306
  Program Directors:  
Philip B. Yasskin  (979) 574-1697
David Manuel   

2021 Teaching Faculty:
Patricia Alonso Ruiz
David Auckly
Matthew Barry
Dean Baskin
Joshua Goldstein
Chun-Hung Liu
Bret Lockhart
Jonas Luhrmann   
Pablo Ocal
Sinjini Sengupta
Jeanette Shakalli
Carl Van Huyck

Senior Counselors:         Junior Counselors:
Jonathan Aberle Siddh Bamb
Maryam Almaskin Debkonya Banerjee
Ria Anand Devkumar (Krishno) Banerjee
Cristian Andrei Nicholas (Klaus) Beasley
Matthew Atanas Karthik Bhagavatula
Junyan Chen Christian Bonasera
Elizabeth Compean Yaneth Dharmasena
Allison Dennis Helena duPlessis
Brittany Dunn Ariana Gonzalez
Luke Hoffman Jinu Han
Sabrina Jackson Ian Howey
Meichun Jia Rei Iwahara
Kyle Johnson Helen Jiang
Logan Knudsen Anastasia Loiko
Lin Qiu Eshan Manchanda
Jack Spraberry Dominic Motekaitis
Neha Sujith Victoria Nguyen
Shivangi Tiwari Adrija Rukmini
Carl Van Huyck Sanni Saari
Bryan Yan Leo Solitare-Renaldo
  Molly Sullivan
  Scott Whitman
  Leo Yang
  Melinda Yao

We would like to thank Maplesoft for their support over the years.

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