Summer Educational Enrichment in Math

aTm Math aTm Math

SEE-Math 2023

Department of Mathematics
Texas A&M University

July 10 -- July 21, 2023
1 PM - 5 PM, Central Time

In Person!


Stellated Icosahedron Watch Out for that Last Step

Computer Animations using Maple

Euler       Gauss

Make a Movie with Maple
Maplesoft provided each student a free copy of the
Maple Computer Algebra System
for two months surrounding the dates of SEE-Math.
After that there is a discount price to purchase Maple.

International Maple Art Gallery Competition

SEE-Math Contest

Problems       Solutions


Euler       Gauss

Daily Problems

Typical Topics
Pythagorean Proof  Pythagorean Formula

Open House and Awards Ceremony

Friday July 21, 2023, 1:45-4:45, Central Time
Parents and Siblings Welcome

Special Presentation:
TED Talk Video - Feb 2005
TED Talk Video - Nov 2012
Dr. Arthur Benjamin
The Mathemagician

  Administrative Contacts:  
Jeremy Kubiak   (979) 845-6905
  Program Directors:  
Philip B. Yasskin  (979) 574-1697
David Manuel   

2023 Teaching Faculty:
Heather Burte
Mark Cahill
Nataliya Goncharuk
Chengyuan Qian
Todd Schrader
John Weeks

2023 Grading Faculty:
Kathryn Bollinger  

Senior Counselors:         Junior Counselors:
Mark Cahill Klaus Beasley
Logan Knudsen Malachi Lewis
Kyle Murphy Sofia Mackin-Plankey
Wolfgang Perez Stephen Posvar
Carl Van Huyck Kevin Qin

We would like to thank Maplesoft for their support over the years.

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Last updated July 21, 2023