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Program Activities

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Activity Instructors Years Math Subjects
Computer Animations Yasskin 02,04,05,06,07,08 Geometry, Algebra,
Programming, Symmetries
Platonic Solids Yasskin, Kobiela, Manuel 02,03,04,05,06,07,08 Geometry, Algebra, Proofs
Euler Numbers Yasskin, Kobiela, Sotile 02,03,04,05,06,07,08 Geometry, Algebra,
Topology, Proofs
Graphs & Labyrinths
& Rubber Sheets
Kuchment, Mogilevsky 02 Graph Theory, Topology
Counting & Infinity Kuchment, Mogilevsky 02 Combinatorics, Probability
Probability Kuchment, Mogilevsky 02 Combinatorics, Probability
Mirrors & Symmetries Kuchment, Mogilevsky 02,05 Symmetries
Topological Games Kuchment, Mogilevsky 04,08 Topology
Knot Theory Kuchment, Kobiela 05 Topology
Pigeon Holes &
Math Tricks
Kuchment 05 Proofs
Geometry of Folding
& Origami
Mogilevsky, Chen 04,05,06,07 Geometry
Map Coloring Hobbs, Yasskin, Fu 03,04,05,06 Graph Theory, Proofs
Rope Round Up Hobbs 04 Graph Theory
Logic Puzzles Gustafson 03,04,05,06,07,08 Logic
Calculator Games Gustafson 04 Programming
Strings & Probability Epstein 04,05 Combinatorics, Probability
Eleusis Yasskin, Epstein 02,03,04 Pattern Recognition,
Scientific Method
Game Theory Epstein 02,03 Probability
Voting Methods Epstein 06 Probability
Straw Puzzles Manuel, Bollinger,
02,03,04,05,06,07,08 Logic
Tangrams &
Pythagorean Theorem
Manuel, Bollinger 02,03,04,05,06,07 Geometry, Algebra, Proofs
Venn Diagrams Manuel, Bollinger,
04,05,06 Set Theory
Cryptography Papanikolas,
El-Guindy, Fuselier, Aurispa
05,06,07,08 Primes, Factoring,
Modular Arithmetic
Pick's Theorem Rojas, Lima Filho, Fu 06,08 Geometry, Topology
Counting & Topology Lima Filho, Rojas 06,07 Geometry, Topology
Search and Rank Raich, Kerr, Manuel 06 Probability, Matrices
Buzz Contest Hensley 08 Number Theorey
Dancing in Groups Pivarski 08 Group Theorey
Patterns in Pascal's Triangle Witherspoon 08 Number Theorey
Conway's Rational Tangles Yasskin 08 Group Theorey
State Space Landsberg 05 Topology
Mobius Strips Scarboro 06 Topology
Cake Cutting Nyman 04 Logic

Guest Lectures Speaker Year Math Subjects
Math in the Movies Allen 03 General Interest
Flash Animations Krawczyk 04 Programming
Euclidean Motions Stecher 04 Symmetries
4D Geometry Yasskin 05 Geometry, Relativity
Math & Biology Walton 06 Mathematical Biology
2D, 3D & 4D Geometry Yasskin 07 Geometry
Beautiful Infinity Kuchment 08 Set Theory

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