Make Your Own Movie

Download each of the following two worksheets. They are in AdobeAcrobat .pdf format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is freely available, works as a plug-in to your browser allowing you to read the worksheets and to print them.

The first worksheet is a brief introduction showing the basic commands needed to make a movie. It can be done in a 50 minute period.

The second worksheet gives more details about the process of making a movie and about each of the necessary commands. It can be done in two 50 minute periods.

After that you are on your own to make an original movie.

Winking Happy Face Nosey Happy Face

Make a Happy Face
Maple Plotting: Points, Lines and Circles
by Philip B. Yasskin

Rolling Happy Face

Make a Wagon
Make a Movie using Maple
by Philip B. Yasskin


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